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The government has identified the need for increasing the Internet penetration rate in the rural areas of the country to fight against poverty and illiteracy. The first prerequisite is to increase the rate of computer penetration in rural areas. The present status of computer penetration is below ten per hundred people for the whole country and in rural areas it is below two.

Considering this as a big hindrance towards building Digital Bangladesh, the government has taken initiatives to manufacture low cost Netbook/Laptops through the state owned company TSS. The Laptops/Netbooks being assembled by TSS has been brand named “Laptop/Netbook”. With the present installed capacity, it is possible to assemble initially 10,000 to 15,000 Netbooks/Laptops per month. Presently all the raw materials of Laptop/Netbook are being imported. Very soon TSS will start producing a number of components in its own factory premises. The present production capacity may be enhanced several folds by recruiting more manpower and ensuring enough working capital.

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